Quality of Life Changes

All of these features must be enabled in the config menu before you can use them.


Vanilla Friendly

These features don't meaningfully change the gameplay of Outer Wilds.

  • Disable Time-Freezing during Dialogue at a Certain Location
    • There's an option in the vanilla game settings to freeze time while talking to characters. This can help make sure that you don't have to rush while talking to characters, but there's a certain location where that doesn't exactly matter. Enable this feature to disable time-freezing at that location!
  • Disable the Reticule (the dot in the middle of the screen)
    • This reticule can be set to visible (default), invisible unless the Scout Launcher is equipped, or always invisible.
  • Disable Scout Launcher being automatically equipped


These features change some aspect of gameplay for Outer Wilds that alters the experience.

  • Press 'Cancel' button to Exit Dialogue
    • Do you want that character you're talking to to just stop talking so you can leave? Press the 'Cancel' button (usually Q on keyboard or B on gamepad) to exit a dialogue tree immediately!
  • Eyes Always Glow
    • Makes a certain type of eye always glow, even if you're not shining a light into it.

Quality of Life Changes

QOL features. Disable screen dot, disable automatic scout equipping, exit dialogue early, and more. Check out readme on GitHub!

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