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Outer Wilds Mods

Enable Debug Mode

This mod enables the debug mode left in the code by the devs.

Warning: some debug actions will mess with your progression while others might crash your game or not work. Not all of them have been tested/verified.

The warp keys are configurable in the in-game MODS menu.

0Warp to Ship
1Warp to Interloper
2Warp to Ash Twins
3Warp to Timber Hearth
4Warp to Brittle Hollows
5Warp to Giants Deep
6Warp to Dark Bramble
7Warp to Quantum Moon
8Warp to Attlerock
BHide player body
IPut on helmet
F1Cycle GUI mode (shows debug info)
F2Toggle suit
F3Learn launch codes
F4Refill resources
F5Learn/forget frequencies
F6Spawn effect
F7Power overwhelming
F8Reveal all ship log facts
F9Trigger disconnect menu
F11Save probe snapshot
.Destroy timeline
[Rewind timeloop
]Fast forward timeloop
-UI test and suicide
BackslashProbe anchor debug
HomeBreak all fragments
DeleteDestroy ship
EndTrigger supernova
Page downSet warp point
Page upGo to warp point
`Activate warp
PAlt warp