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Addon Creation Tool (BETA)

This page is meant to simplify the creation of custom worlds for Outer Wilds. If you are familiar with programming, git repositories, and similar concepts, you might not need this tool. If you'd like to have full control of your addon, please follow the planet creation template instructions to set everything up yourself.

If you want to use this tool to create and share your custom worlds with other players, you'll first need to authenticate with a GitHub account:

  • Create a GitHub account , if you don't have one already.
  • Create a new user access token:
    • Go to the GitHub access token creation page .
    • Insert any text under "Note".
    • Select "repo" (should be the first checkbox). This will automatically select all the checkboxes within "repo".
    • Scroll down and click "Generate token".
  • Copy the newly generated token. The format is something like ghp_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. I recommend saving the token in a password manager for easier access later. If you lose your token, you can always just generate another one.
  • Paste the token in this page and press "Authenticate".

Hint: If you leave or refresh this page, you'll be logged out. Save the token in a password manager so you don't have to generate a new one every time.

Please authenticate with an access token that has access to null/null

This page isn't official, nor affiliated with Mobius Digital, or anyone really.