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Custom Worlds

↓ 9.2k New Horizons
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.

New Horizons is a world creation tool capable of creating new planets and star systems, and even editing planets from the base game. If you want to make your own custom worlds, the NH documentation has most of the info you need to get started. The easiest way is by cloning the NH Addon Template. No coding knowledge is required!

Available Custom Worlds

↓ 4k Real Solar System
Real Solar System
Adds our solar system to Outer Wilds (check the ship's log)
↓ 3.1k Outer Wilds Galaxy
Outer Wilds Galaxy
USE SHIPLOG AND AUTOPILOT TO WARP TO MOD! A mod that adds a galactic core that many different star systems orbit around. Go and explore!
↓ 2.8k New Horizons Examples
New Horizons Examples
An example project showing what planets can be made with New Horizons. (Warning: spoilers inside)
↓ 2.3k Solar Neighbourhood
Solar Neighbourhood
Adds in the local group of star systems as seen in the Echoes Of The Eye ending
↓ 2k Atropos
Newest Planet in the Outer Wilds Solar System!
↓ 1.4k Signals+
Implements unused/removed signals and Signalscope frequencies.
↓ 1.2k Astroneer Solar System
Astroneer Solar System
Adds the solar system from Astroneer (check SHIP LOG)
↓ 993 Medley of Planets
Medley of Planets
Adds a medley of planets and moons to explore.
↓ 1k Enter the Warioverse
Enter the Warioverse
A whole system of Wario to explore! Can you solve the mystery of the Warioverse? WAH!
↓ 961 Incursion: Final Dawn
Incursion: Final Dawn
The Incursion Is Upon Us by Erroneous
↓ 1.1k ElliePlanets!
A few silly planets
↓ 758 Grapefruit
A mod that adds a new star system. Warning! Lots of food!
↓ 963 TARDIS from Doctor Who
TARDIS from Doctor Who
The Doctor and their TARDIS visit the Outer Wilds Solar System!
↓ 749 TRAPPIST-1
A depiction of the TRAPPIST-1 system, a collection of seven terrestrial planets hugging close to a small ultracool red dwarf star.
↓ 567 Interstellar: Gargantua
Interstellar: Gargantua
Explore the Gargantua system from Interstellar (reupload of Tandicase's mod)
↓ 388 Cloudless Quantum Moons
Cloudless Quantum Moons
Adds the 6 quantum moon states without any clouds.
Their Homeworld
↓ 388 Their Homeworld
Their Homeworld
a solar system made with new horizons, will probably be updated
↓ 362 Almond System
Almond System
Adds a almond system to the game
↓ 298 Less Lonely Ship
Less Lonely Ship
↓ 265 Timber Twin
Timber Twin
global warming is real and i caused it
↓ 280 Jammer Lore
Jammer Lore
Jammer lore mod plonets
Only Timber Hearth
↓ 257 Only Timber Hearth
Only Timber Hearth
A mod that removes all planets except Timber Heath. Yay, no Dark Bramble!
↓ 198 Cloudless Giant's Deep
Cloudless Giant's Deep
Removes the clouds from Giant's Deep
↓ 155 Carson System
Carson System
A low-mass star nicknamed "Carson", 2.4 light-years away from the Sun.
↓ 185 Backer's satellite signal
Backer's satellite signal
A mod that adds signal to the backer's satellite
↓ 153 Upsilon Andromedae
Upsilon Andromedae
An exaggerated recreation of the Upsilon Andromedae star system.
↓ 173 Changed Twins
Changed Twins
The sand goes to ember twin and back! (Idea from Inkey boi AKA InkI
↓ 172 Arkose bug fix
Arkose bug fix
A mod that fix the bug that allows Arkose to exist
↓ 94 BlackHole Sun
BlackHole Sun
Makes the sun a blackhole
↓ 66 Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087
Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087
Places the Hearthian system in a peaceful galaxy.
↓ 51 Ordered Orbits
Ordered Orbits
Orders most orbits by size, excluding a few bodies
↓ 50 No Sun
No Sun
Removes the sun and messes up the orbits

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