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New Horizons ↓ 19.5k
New Horizons
A custom world creation tool for Outer Wilds.

New Horizons is a world creation tool capable of creating new planets and star systems, and even editing planets from the base game. If you want to add your own custom content to the game, the NH documentation has most of the info you need to get started. The easiest way is by cloning the NH Addon Template. No coding knowledge is required!

Available Custom Content

67 items
The Vision ↓ 6k
The Vision
This mod continues the story from both base game and Echoes of the Eye DLC. Translations: EN, RU, PT, FR, ZH, JA, DE, ES
Real Solar System ↓ 6k
Real Solar System
Adds our solar system to Outer Wilds (check the ship's log)
Outer Wilds Galaxy ↓ 4.2k
Outer Wilds Galaxy
USE SHIPLOG AND AUTOPILOT TO WARP TO MOD! A mod that adds a galactic core that many different star systems orbit around. Go and explore! (Reupload of Jammer's mod)
Solar Neighbourhood ↓ 3.2k
Solar Neighbourhood
Adds in the local group of star systems as seen in the Echoes Of The Eye ending
Atropos ↓ 2.8k
Newest Planet in the Outer Wilds Solar System!
The Spiral System ↓ 148
The Spiral System
Adds a new star system (and small story!) to outer wilds
Broken Balance
Broken Balance ↓ 154
Broken Balance
An Outer Wilds story mod
Time Dialator ↓ 130
Time Dialator
Story mod about a strange solar system with a strange property...
Fret's Quest ↓ 1.4k
Fret's Quest
A short story addon where you help a friend recover something that was stolen from him.
The Funniest System ↓ 858
The Funniest System
Mix of free exploration and story, and may potentially have you laughing your rear off (best used with voice mod). Start the story by exiting the ship and locating the recorder floating on the water.
Arcanum Adrift ↓ 118
Arcanum Adrift
A Nomai wall in the Timber Hearth Observatory speaks of a strange Nomai spacecraft.
New Horizons Examples ↓ 3.8k
New Horizons Examples
An example project showing what planets can be made with New Horizons. (Warning: spoilers inside)
Brightdusk ↓ 101
A new planet appears in the Solar System near Brittle Hollow for you to explore!
Intervention ↓ 129
Story mod about destiny, faith and darkness (made for New Horizons Jam)
Escape the Dreamstalker ↓ 646
Escape the Dreamstalker
A short spooky mod for Outer Wilds. Translations: EN, RU
The Machine ↓ 79
The Machine
A story mod for Outer Wilds set in a new solar system.
Divergence ↓ 96
There is more to explore here. A short story mod for Outer Wilds.
How Did This Happen? ↓ 176
How Did This Happen?
There appears to be a new problem in the solar system. What is even going on? Either a very small story mod, or a small, weird mod with a bit of story added.
The Final Shortcut
The Final Shortcut ↓ 154
The Final Shortcut
Adds a shortcut to an important location which many mods use, hidden somewhere in the village.
Evacuation ↓ 84
A project for the 2022 New Horizons Outer Wilds modding jam
KSP ↓ 83
Ever wanted the KSP system in Outer Wilds? Well, now it exists!
Daylight Savings ↓ 75
Daylight Savings
A mod made for the New Horizons jam
Interstellar: Gargantua ↓ 1.1k
Interstellar: Gargantua
Explore the Gargantua system from Interstellar (reupload of Tandicase's mod)
Super Wild Galaxy ↓ 201
Super Wild Galaxy
Adds the Comet Observatory from Super Mario Galaxy.
TARDIS from Doctor Who ↓ 1.3k
TARDIS from Doctor Who
The Doctor and their TARDIS visit the Outer Wilds Solar System!
Enter the Warioverse ↓ 1.4k
Enter the Warioverse
A whole system of Wario to explore! Can you solve the mystery of the Warioverse? WAH!
Incursion: Final Dawn ↓ 1.4k
Incursion: Final Dawn
The Incursion Is Upon Us by Erroneous
Archipelago ↓ 66
An Outer Wilds mod for New Horizons' first jam.
OW Ventures Scavenger Hunt ↓ 66
OW Ventures Scavenger Hunt
Can you solve the first Outer Wilds Ventures Onboarding Scavenger Hunt?
I Don't Like Sand
I Don't Like Sand ↓ 92
I Don't Like Sand
Removes the sand from Ash Twin and Ember Twin.
Astroneer Solar System ↓ 1.6k
Astroneer Solar System
Adds the solar system from Astroneer (check SHIP LOG)
Secret Words ↓ 571
Secret Words
A mod that creates 5 custom planets on Outer Wilds. Each of them hides a secret code. Gather them and make your name appear on the mod!
Medley of Planets ↓ 1.4k
Medley of Planets
Adds a medley of planets and moons to explore.
Celestial Orrery ↓ 97
Celestial Orrery
A Mod for Outer Wilds that projects the orrery in the observatory onto the actual star system, making navigation easier (and more... magical).
i let the voices on the discord server make bad ideas for planets ↓ 167
i let the voices on the discord server make bad ideas for planets
A solar system made with love, from the heads of the folks over on the Modding Discord server.
Signals+ ↓ 1.9k
Implements unused/removed signals and Signalscope frequencies.
Dancin' Wilds Ventures
Dancin' Wilds Ventures ↓ 229
Dancin' Wilds Ventures
Adds a mysterious groovy signal to the Deep Space Radio frequency.
Owlystem ↓ 120
"a dream of home" but I remade it really, really badly
March of gears
March of gears ↓ 88
March of gears
Who says orbits have to make sense?
Less Lonely Ship ↓ 656
Less Lonely Ship
Ernesto Takeover ↓ 127
Ernesto Takeover
Ernesto is Everywhere (Do NOT use with any mods that modify base game planets)
Their Homeworld
Their Homeworld ↓ 722
Their Homeworld
a solar system made with new horizons, will probably be updated
TRAPPIST-1 ↓ 1.1k
A depiction of the TRAPPIST-1 system, a collection of seven terrestrial planets hugging close to a small ultracool red dwarf star.
Smallest System in the Galaxy ↓ 269
Smallest System in the Galaxy
The smallest galaxy in the universe!
Grapefruit ↓ 1.2k
A mod that adds a new star system. Warning! Lots of food!
Cloudless Quantum Moons ↓ 817
Cloudless Quantum Moons
Adds the 6 quantum moon states without any clouds.
Solar Systems I Made as a Kid ↓ 102
Solar Systems I Made as a Kid
This is just a bundle of, well, look at the title.
Carson System ↓ 598
Carson System
A low-mass star nicknamed "Carson", 2.4 light-years away from the Sun.
The Wilds: Extended ↓ 312
The Wilds: Extended
Silly NH Addon to add content to the current base game (made with love and care by me and #nh-addon-discussion) (xen carried)
Backer's satellite signal ↓ 414
Backer's satellite signal
A mod that adds signal to the backer's satellite
ElliePlanets! ↓ 1.4k
A few silly planets
Cloudless Giant's Deep ↓ 451
Cloudless Giant's Deep
Removes the clouds from Giant's Deep
Upsilon Andromedae ↓ 405
Upsilon Andromedae
An exaggerated recreation of the Upsilon Andromedae star system.
Celestial Leeway ↓ 32
Celestial Leeway
Short and simple first attempt at a New Horizons planet mod! Includes the first tidbit of lore towards a story I will be unravelling through my next mods.
Changed Twins ↓ 382
Changed Twins
The sand goes to ember twin and back! (Idea from Inkey boi AKA InkI
Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087 ↓ 353
Galaxy Skybox: NGC 1087
Places the Hearthian system in a peaceful galaxy.
Sun Station Ascension ↓ 289
Sun Station Ascension
Raises the Sun Station to a higher orbit to survive the red giant phase.
BlackHole Sun ↓ 357
BlackHole Sun
Makes the sun a blackhole
No Sun ↓ 287
No Sun
Removes the sun. No longer messes up the orbits with the removeChildren:[""] patch
Espied Serenity ↓ 232
Espied Serenity
Hazy Dreams
Hazy Dreams ↓ 227
Hazy Dreams
A mod that adds fog to the dreamworld.
Timber Twin ↓ 477
Timber Twin
global warming is real and i caused it
Jammer Lore ↓ 452
Jammer Lore
Jammer lore mod plonets (Reupload of Jammer's mod)
Ordered Orbits ↓ 232
Ordered Orbits
Orders most orbits by size, excluding a few bodies
Almond System ↓ 563
Almond System
Adds a almond system to the game
Only Timber Hearth
Only Timber Hearth ↓ 402
Only Timber Hearth
A mod that removes all planets except Timber Heath. Yay, no Dark Bramble!
Arkose bug fix ↓ 317
Arkose bug fix
A mod that fix the bug that allows Arkose to exist

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